40% of entry fees received for the particular age group will be added to the National Soccer Academy Inc EUROTOUR sponsorship fund. The team that wins the championship for the age group will have first priority to use the sponsorship funds to assist players and/or  coaches of the team to join the NSA EUROTOUR for the following summer.  Funds not used will remain in the fund to be used for future EUROTOUR sponsorship under the discretion of NSA.

e.g. if 32 teams competes in an age category and paid an  entry fees of 1200- per team

Sponsorship fund = 32 * $1200 * 40% = $15360-

The Coach and Manager in conjunction with NSA will have discretion on how to spend the funds for their group to join the NSA EUROTOUR.
— pay for Coaches/managers trip
— partially sponsor each player going on tour

Tours will be arranged by Soccer Team Tours Inc. Players will travel as part of the NSA group.

For 2019,  Soccer Team Tours cost is 1300- per person to attend the Gothia Cup . This includes land travel, lodging and food provided by the tournament. This does not include air fare and spending money.